Peer Network

Peer Network

For individuals with disability, their families and caregivers, navigating informal and formal systems and seeking connections within the community can be daunting. We recognise that sharing stories with those who have gone through similar experiences is a powerful tool. It not only aids in education but also mitigates feelings of isolation and enhances the sense of belonging.

Peer Support plays a pivotal role in boosting people’s confidence, knowledge, capabilities and reducing their sense of isolation. Those who have shared similar experiences can provide invaluable support to others embarking on parallel journeys.

For many individuals and families, grassroots Peer Support from those with first-hand experience can be the most vital and effective form of assistance. People are often more comfortable sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences with their peers through natural informal conversations, than engaging with service providers as their first connection.

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Connect With

People with Disability, Families and Carers

The Empowered Connections Peer Network (previously Peer-to-Peer Networks WA) supports people with lived experience of disability to connect with each other, share information, develop new skills and access resources that support them to achieve their goals.

The Empowered Connections team is dedicated to supporting people with lived experience of disability to create a safe and inclusive environment where people are free to be themselves. We encourage people to create groups based on shared experiences and needs, including location, culture, or disability type.

The names and locations of our current groups are listed below. If you would like to know more, please call 08 9274 7760 or email

Alternatively, if our current groups do not meet your needs or interests, we can work with you to set one up.

A List of Our

Current Peer Groups

Group Name Group interest
Hills People with disabilities and their families who live in the Hills Area
All abilities Midland Catchup Group Self-advocacy group in Midland area
Kalgoorlie Access and Inclusion Peer Network People with disabilities and their families who live in Kalgoorlie & surrounds
Belmont Parent Peer Group Belmont Parent Peer Group
Kalamunda Peer Group Kalamunda Parent Peer Group

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