School to Work

A toolkit to help teachers support students with developmental disability use person-centred approaches to prepare for the transition from school to employment.

Unfiltered Podcast : Dispelling Myths and Public Misconceptions

Using stories to showcase the experiences of people with disability living and working in the City of Belmont, our Unfiltered Podcast Series promotes inclusion and community cohesion.


Video Series

Steps to Success With a Microenterprise:

This video explores the discovery process, and we chat to Microenterprise owners about their journey to discovery, supported by our passionate Advisors.

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Planning For a Microenterprise:

This video highlights some of the steps involved in planning your Microenterprise!

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What is a Microenterprise?:

This video looks at the exciting stage of Microenterprise launch!

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What a Microenterprise Means to Me:

This video shares our Microenterprise owners’ thoughts on What a Microenterprise means to them.

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Peer Support

‘Ask Us Anything’ Videos

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Introductory Video

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Episode Two

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Episode Three

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Episode Four

Insider Info Booklet

A guided template for family members and carers to record useful information


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